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CAD Solutions

Out of date floor plans or none at all? Not a problem. Our team of designers can update your plans, gather the details required to draw the plans or even draw them from scratch. We can accept floor plan details in almost every format. We will then create a set of proof plans for you to check and will only proceed to creating the final version to send you once these have been approved. Our aim is to make the design of your Fire Plans as simple as possible for you.

Step 1.
Send us your floor plan drawings and mark-ups to  or call us to discuss on tel: 01564 637197. We will then give you a fixed price quotation to enable you to order.

Step 2.
We draw the plan and send you a PDF to mark up with any changes. You then email the marked up drawing back to us.

Step 3.
We email you a completed drawing for approval, then the completed Fire Plan in PDF format

Part of the UK Acceptance Certificate for your building. A Fire Zone Plan should be located next to your Fire Alarm Panel and displays Fire Alarm detection zones as hatched areas overlaid on building floor plans.

This Fire Plan forms part of the Fire Strategy for your premises and is provided to assist the Fire Services when attending an emergency on site. It displays key firefighting elements, access and evacuation routes, fire exits, assembly points, utilities shut off points and areas of specific risk.

These fire plans are typically used by Fire Risk Assessors to develop a professional fire strategy for a building, reducing the risk of fire and ensuring the safety of the occupants. They typically display fire compartmentation areas together with fire detection/suppression areas and equipment.

For staff, residents and visitors within your buildings to know the safest way to exit in the event of an emergency. These plans are normally designed in accordance with the Fire Strategy for each building and displayed in prominent locations. They display evacuation procedures, routes to assembly points and location of firefighting equipment.