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We have strived to provide quality, reliable fire and security solutions to our customers. We listen to our customer’s and design a system that meets their requirements and industry standards. Equipment will be supplied from reputable sources to provide reliability and confidence in our systems.

Our aim is to continue providing a top class service to our customers for many years. We will achieve this by continuing to listen to customers and investing in staff welfare, development and training.

  • Access Control

    Access control door entry systems, upgrade, installation and maintenance.

  • CCTV Systems

    CCTV camera and dvr systems, upgrade, installation and maintenance.

  • Intercom Systems

    Audio and video intercom systems, upgrade, installation and maintenance.

  • Emergency Lighting

    Emergency exit lighting upgrades, installation and testing.

  • Fire Alarms

    Fire alarm systems upgrades, installation and maintenance.

  • Alarm Systems

    Burglar alarm systems upgrade, installation and maintenance.

  • Risk Assessment

    The law states that every business has a legal duty to undertake a fire risk assessment at their premises.

  • Fire Extinguisher Division

    Design, Supply, Maintenance and installation

  • Fire Extinguisher Wall Signs

    Each Fire Extinguisher must be accompanied by appropriate fire extinguisher ID signs. These signs indicate the type of extinguisher and give instructions about the use of the specific extinguisher.

We provide the complete one stop shop for your fire and security needs. We are different to most other Fire Extinguisher services companies, as we do not charge an attendance fee and we charge a flat rate permit, including all standard service parts, such as tamper tags, O-rings, labels etc.

We supply and install Fire Extinguishers for Classification:

A wood, paper and textiles

B flammable liquids

C flammable gases

D metal

F cooking oil and fat fires

Electrical fires do not have a separate classification as they come under all of the above. A CO2 extinguisher is recommended for tackling such a fire, although water extinguishers can be used, but only if a power supply has been isolated.